Monday, January 17, 2011


I love to read, I love to read to my kids, I love BOOKS!!! However I sometimes have a hard time storing books.

My 2 littlest ducklings share a room; they are 3 years apart so they share a book case with there books. Avery’s shelf is on the bottom and Finley’s shelf is on top. We go to the library once every 3 weeks. I keep the library books separate in a basket away from all the other books. It works FANTASTIC!!! That way when it is time to return the books, I just have to grab them from the basket throw them in the bag, and take off to the library. ***I also only check out 20 books at a time, that way I always know how many I have and how many need to be returned.

We also have a book shelf in our hall closet where we keep all the rest of the family’s books. I must say that I love the library, and always have. *** I love the fact that you can borrow a book to read and then give it back, so you don’t have to store them.

An easy way to organize your books is to sort them by age groups. Also make a pile for the books you love and a pile for the ones you didn’t care much for, and find out which ones you would like to read and which to give away. Once you have minimized your book collection, you can organize the remaining books in alphabetical order and/or categorically.

Here are 6 great ideas to help you give your books away…

* Find out the books which no longer inspire you and donate them.
* Donate magazines to local schools; these magazines can be used for art and projects by students.
* Donate them to local charities, libraries and rehabilitation center.
* Do a book swap? Tell your neighbors they can have them. Try to find someone who will benefit from the book and can appreciate such a gift.
* You can donate academic books to high school, university and college libraries.
* Have a garage sale
Hope you have a great and organized WEEK!!! Homework: Read a good book!!!

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