Friday, November 19, 2010

Clean as you go!! PART 3

Okay ready for the last 5 steps???

11. Tidy the TV area and family room each day/night -- general home organization mantra: Don't leave any room like a cyclone hit it.
12. Kids' toys can go easily into a cute basket or bin. Newspapers in a pile or better yet, the recycling bin. Make use of baskets and bins -- they work wonders for containing clutter, and they look great. This includes a nice stair basket that can be kept at the bottom of the stairs holding stuff and take upstairs once in the day; next morning, take it downstairs.

13. Put the TV remote back in its designated place. If you don't have a designated place -- establish one. Everyone will be happier when you practice this home organization tip!

14. That goes for the car & house keys -- establish a place and return them every time you come into the house. Huge time saver!

15. Spot clean the carpet as soon as you notice a spot or spill something. Keep your favorite carpet cleaner on each level of your home, so that going up or down the stairs does not deter you. Seriously, this can make your house look so much better so easily by not having random stains all over your carpeting.

Picking up as you go and cleaning as you go is my all-time best home organization tip and it will save oodles of time in the end, and is completely do-able.

My oldest Bailey turned 15 this week and my youngest Finley turned 4. I think I am having a hard time because I know I am not having any more babies. I am so proud of my two beautiful daughters and am so thankful to have the opportunity to be there MOM!

Have a great organized weekend!! HOMEWORK: Clean your microwave so it shines!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clean as you go PART 2!!!

Here are the next 5 steps...

6. Load the dishwasher as you go, so the dishes don't pile up in the sink -- bit by bit, and small steps makes the task so simple.

7. Wipe the kitchen counter and spills as they happen.

8. Clean up the bathroom counter before leaving the bathroom -- put supplies back in the cupboard or in a basket, clothes in the laundry, hang up the towels, wipe up any toothpaste or hair in the sink, restock the toilet paper. These small steps will work wonders at keeping your home organized.

9. If you have several spots on your bathroom mirror, grab the glass cleaner and paper towel stored under the sink and clean it off right then. Keep paper towel and some basic cleaning supplies under each bathrooms sink & kitchen sink. Be sure to put a safety lock on the cabinet if you have young ones.

10. The microwave. Oh boy, don't get me started on the microwave! One of my biggest bug-a-boo's is a dirty microwave. It never has to get or stay dirty -- really! I don't know how many times I've walked up to a microwave to zap something, and it looked like a cesspool. Wipe it clean anytime anything spills in it immediately; then, it won't cake on, and make it harder to clean later -- really very simple and easy! Periodically, you will need to include the turntable into your dishwasher or hand wash it.

Stay tuned for Friday and learn the last 6 steps!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Clean as you go!!

The best home organization tip I can give, is pick up and clean as you go. This week I am going to give you tips to help you clean as you go. This will literally save you hours in cleaning. It does involve daily steps in keeping your home organized, but once these principles are put into practice; it will become second nature and your house will be gleaming. Especially if you have a HOME for everything.

There are 15 tips that Julie DeHart from "Keep your Home Cooking," came up with...I love each of them!!!

The first 5 are...

1. Make your bed before you leave the bedroom.
2. Hang up your clothes each day or put in the laundry basket.
3. Try to pick up the kitchen before you leave the house or go to bed -- you will feel so much better when you get up or return home to a clean kitchen -- I promise! Give yourself 10 extra minutes in the morning or evening to make this happen.
4. When the refrigerator starts to empty out before grocery shopping day; wipe the shelves off and when anything spills.
5. After dinner, everyone helps to clear the table and put food in storage or the refrigerator.

Come back on Wednesday to learn the next 5 steps!!!

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