Thursday, April 21, 2011

An Organized Grocery Shopping Trip!!! Part #2

Here are the next 3 tips to saving you time and money…

4. Clean out the Refrigerator — Take the time to clean your refrigerator the day before you go shopping. This will eliminate purchasing things you already have on hand and you will also be able to know what exactly what condiment or dairy product is about to run out.

5. Plan Meals — Take a few minutes to plan your meals for the week. This very important strategy lessens the likelihood of making impulse purchases and buying unnecessary items at the grocery store, or picking up fast food on the way home from work. Planning your meals also gives you the opportunity to enhance the nutritional value of each meal by considering healthier choices for you and your family. Keep it simple, you know what you and your family like and dislikes. Research indicates that simply by planning meals, it is possible to save as much as fifty percent on grocery expenses.

6. Take Inventory — after planning out your meals, take inventory before writing out your grocery list. Go through the pantry and match the items you have on hand to your recipes, and then create the grocery list.

Save time and money by having all of the items that you need on hand for completing each meal will eliminate multiple trips to the grocery store.

We all have to eat so anything that you can do that will take the stress off and save money is worth devoting a few minutes of time to each week. These simple strategies will work to keep you organized, while eliminating loads of stress — all the while saving quite a bit of money on your monthly grocery expenses. ***Do you ever have to take the kids with you?? If you do I have a little trick I always use…I give my kids a sucker and they have to ask to bite it. That way it lasts usually the whole shopping trip. However Finley usually asks me 15 times to bite it before we are done. But oh well whatever works!!!

Homework: Make a shopping list this week!! Hope you have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Organized Grocery Shopping Trip!!!

Those of you who know me, knows that I love being organized but that I also love saving time and MONEY!!!

So by organizing your shopping trips it can be very helpful in several ways. For one thing, it helps to keep you focused on the task at hand. Then, it saves valuable time in the grocery store and at home. Lastly, organizing pays off big time by saving you money.

By making last minute shopping trips, or hurrying off to the grocery store without some type of preparation will cost more money than if you prepare your shopping trips in advance.

Here are 6 great tips from an article by Darlene Marie!!!

First 3 tips are…

1. Keep a Scratch Pad Handy — Keeping a scratch pad and pencil handy in the kitchen is an extremely valuable time saver. Right when you run out of a particular item, or think of something you need at the grocery store, you are able to write it down immediately and hang it on the refrigerator. (I use my phones note pad.) 2. Clip it out — when you see a sales circular with a special item that you want to purchase, clip it out and/or attach it to your grocery list right away. Keeping it together with your list will act as a friendly reminder. 3. Organize the List — organize your list to match the item's location in the store. This will prevent you from wondering aimlessly up and down the aisles; therefore, making it less likely picks up expensive impulse items.

Come back Thursday for the last 3 tips!!!

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