Friday, March 18, 2011

Maximize your Storage Space part #3

Now finally the last 2 tips…

Tip #5
- Find a home for all of your piles, and neatly place them in rows, for example, when you get a new tube of toothpaste, bottle of shampoo or soap you can put it behind so you are rotating. That way things won’t expire so fast.

Tip #6
-Label your shelves or bins with all of your items, so everyone in your household knows their proper HOME!!

Yea!!! Like I said we finished in 1 HOUR!!! We were both happy and satisfied with our work!!!

Homework: Organize 4 shelves in your house this weekend!! Have a great and organized weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maximize your Storage Space Part #2

Welcome back!!! Are you ready for tip # 3 and # 4???

Tip #3
-Purge the piles you just made. Throw away any medicines or toothpastes that are expired, or even shampoos or lotions that have hardly anything in them, and put them in the ROUND FILING BIN!!!!

Tip #4
-Take your toilet paper and paper towels, or whatever you are organizing out of the wrapper so your product will be easy to grab on demand.

See you back Friday!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Maximize your Storage Space Part #1

I am back from a CRAZY week!! Sorry I didn’t post last week but like I said… it was CRAZZZZZY!! This last week I was getting ready to launch my new website called I hope you all SCHEDULE a time out of your day to take a look!! It is a website of some of my favorite things. We will be putting more treasures on soon…so please keep checking!! Soon you will be able to go on the blog Fuzzy’s Treasures and know why they are my favorite things!!!

Now back to the reason why we are all here…ORGANIZING!! Two weeks ago, one of my best friends called, and asked me to help her organize her closet in her bathroom. Of course I was all over that…So off to her house I went!!!

I opened her closet and to my surprise I saw ORGANIZED CHAOS!!! Her medicines were together, the toilet paper and towels were together, etc. They were just thrown in bins, or on shelves!!! I told her don’t worry we will be done in ONE HOUR!!! YES you heard me right ONE HOUR!!

Did I mention how excited I got!!! I was having a blast!!!

So here are 6 great tips for managing your storage space…

Tip #1
-Take everything out of the closet.

Tip #2
-Make piles of items that go together.

***Come back Wednesday for the next 2 tips!!!

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