Friday, March 4, 2011

How to make getting ready in the morning EASIER??

Growing up with all sisters and sharing one bathroom was not always fun!!! However now I have three girls of my own, so I will try anything to make my mornings a little easier!!!

Here are a couple of tips to make GETTING READY a little easier!!!

***I try to have HOMES for most of my ESSENSIALS on my counter top, like lotion, cleanser, hairspray, spray bottle etc. That way I can just grab what I need and put it away fast!!!! (I found this handy little storage bin at World Market, I think it was a desk organizer…but works great for all my morning rituals!!!) AND LOOKS GOOD TOO!***

***I also have my curling irons and blow dryer hanging on my wall for easy access!!! I know it doesn’t look the greatest, but for me and my family it is a MUST!!! ( I found it at Sally’s.)***

EASY GRAB!! EASY PUT AWAY!! That is my motto to make things better, especially for 8 AM church!!!

Homework: CLEAN and ORGANIZE your bathroom countertop!!
Have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Organizing GIRLS hair accessories!!!

Okay!! I grew up in a house hold of just one boy… (THIS WAS MY FATHER!!!!) I had only sisters. So you can understand that I grew up with a lot of DRAMA and a lot of hair accessories. Then I got older and only produced one BOY and three little girls, so you can see I am once again in a household with a lot of DRAMA and a lot of HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!!

BUT NOT TO FEAR you can defiantly organize your hair accessories!!! BUT GOOD LUCK ON THE DRAMA!!!!

FIRST you must separate all your flowers, bows, ribbons, barrettes, and ponytail holders.

THEN find HOMES for each of your accessories. (I found cheap plastic bins for my accessories.) OR at my FAMILYS store, which is called RIBBONS AND LACE, or the website which, I have posted on my blog called , you can purchase items to make cute HOMES for your flowers and barrettes.

Here are some pictures of storage or cute things you can do to store your HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!!

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