Monday, September 5, 2011

Tip of the week #9

PAPERS PAPERS PAPER...How many papers do your little monkeys bring home in there backpacks?? TOO MUCH!!!! Don't you all agree?? So many papers, so little time...What do you do with them??

•Place a cute basket or bin by the door or on your desk or counter top, and teach your children to use it to put the papers that need mom and dad’s attention. This will prevent papers from piling up on counter tops. The cute and adorable crafts that your amazing kids bring home and want to save...SAVE THEM FOR A WEEK...HANG THEM UP, do whatever, but then throw them away. I keep 5 projects a year! If they want to keep more take a picture and label it. I have bins for each of my kiddo's to save their treasured art work!! BUT ONLY 5 A YEAR!! Then I take pictures if they can't live without their life size portrait of them selves!!! ;) It works out GREAT!!!

HOMEWORK: Make a basket or bin for your kids to place all their work they need us to look at! Have a great and organized week!!

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