Friday, February 11, 2011

What does your wallet look like?? Part #2

Here are the last 2 tips…

3. How may credit cards are you lugging around?? Maybe you have one credit card, maybe you have forty. How many is necessary to lug around with you?? Lugging around all forty just makes your wallet confusing, if you ask me. I know you know which top three or four cards you use the most. Leave the specialty credit cards at home. You know the ones like, the Macy’s card. You most likely are not shopping there every week. So get it out only when you are planning your next trip to the mall. Do you understand? It just isn’t necessary or safe to carry them all. Plus in case your wallet or purse gets stolen, it’s a lot easier to call in to cancel three to four cards instead of ten.

4. Do you feel like you have a million reward cards?? I would encourage you to get them all out and spread them out on the counter or table. Check everywhere for any and all reward cards. Once you have them laid out, pick your top five to seven stores you shop the most in. Carry only those in your wallet and keep the rest together in an envelope or container in a drawer. When you are looking for one, you will know where to find them or where to put them back after shopping.

Homework: Find a Home for everything in your wallet, and when you go shopping this weekend… IMPRESS THE HECK OUT OF THE CASHIER WITH YOUR ORGANIZED WALLET!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

What does your wallet look like??

How bad does your wallet look?? Is it overstuffed with receipts and credit cards?? Are papers falling out everywhere? When you are standing in the checkout lane at the grocery store paying the cashier do you keep apologizing because you are searching for money or the right card to use for your transaction??

Why not just make it simple, and keep an organized wallet, with only what you need in it!! Carry only receipts for known return items and carry only the rewards cards and credit cards you absolutely can’t live without.

Here are the first 2 great tips in having the ORGANIZED WALLET you have always dreamed of...

1. Find the best wallet to fit your needs. Don’t get too big of wallet or too small.

2. There are only 3 types of receipts to keep in your wallet. The first kind of receipt is for returns. If you know you’ll be returning the item, it belongs in the wallet in its rightful HOME. But then once you return it file it in your desk under receipts. (I usually keep them in a special HOME for three months and then I toss.) The second, is receipts for business write offs, for example gas receipts. Anything that you can write off for your business. Once again when you get home, then file it in its rightful HOME. The third kind of receipt just takes up space and should be tossed. It’s receipts from Wendy’s, the hair salon, the grocery store, etc. These receipts, for mindless every day purchases, have no place in your wallet. If you use your debit card, subtract the amount out of your account when you get home and then toss it. There’s no reason to keep them. Toss them before you even leave the store if you are paying with cash.

Come back on Friday for the next 2 tips!!


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