Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip of the Week #3

I hope everyone had a great week!! Mine was very busy, but great!! I got my new blog Fuzzy's Treasures up and running...I hope you drop by and see all my favorite treasures.

So this week's tip is one I use all the time...READY!!!

***Ten minutes before you leave your house tell your kids and husbands to find "HOMES" for everything they have out. (I always say you have 5 minutes so clean up!!) I always take 5 minutes and put everything in it's 'HOME." For example: if there is a dish in the sink, I put it in the dishwasher. My make up is always put away, the kids toys are always put away, I even try and make sure the kitchen counter is clean before I leave.

Some of you might think I am CRAZY! But when I get home, I can relax, get dinner ready, read to the kids, or give the kids and husband my full attention when they get home!!!

I have done this since Bailey was born, and it works GREAT!!!

Homework: Find a home for everything in a room in your house this week!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tip of the week #2


It is okay to change!!! I know some of you think that I am so on schedule I hate change!!! Well that is not true...I know that sometimes it is a must. As your little ducklings grow, they need different chores and YES...MORE CHORES!!! For example, my 15 year old has made my bed every morning since she was 8 years old. it has been one of her morning chores. My 7 year old asked me a week ago if she could take on that chore?? I was a little hesitant, but of course I said...SURE!! Come to find out she makes it as well as I do if not better!!! So now she has an extra chore, she is HAPPY, and her older sister is EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!

Homework: Find something in your schedule that could use a little change, and do it!!! Have a great and organized week!!

HEY!!! I started a new blog at I am going to start posting all of my treasures and why they are my treasures!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

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