Friday, October 15, 2010

Tips for Spring Cleaning

As a child, I would dread hearing the awful phrase, “it is time for SPRING CLEANING.” Now that I am a mother to four little ducklings, I have learned to love the phrase… it is music to my ears. Spring cleaning has turned into a family tradition, and in order to spring clean you should follow these 5 simple rules.

1. Make a schedule for each room and stick to it
2. Assign everyone a task
3. Spread the cleaning over several weekends
4. Try to make it fun
5. Make sure you reward the family with a special treat when you are finished

***This weekend for your homework assignment take out all your fake greenery in your house and spray it down with a hose, let it dry then put them back on your plant shelves, and in your house. Have a great an ORGANIZED weekend

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Start at the Top when Cleaning a Room

Having an order and method to everything may seem a little over the top, but it really can help in all you’re cleaning. If you clean a room, from top to bottom and from one end to the other, you'll save yourself the hassle of dirtying things you've already cleaned and needing to clean them again.

For example, if you are deep cleaning a room…

1. clean the ceiling fan
2. dust the blinds
3. dust all the nick knacks on your furniture
4. dust the furniture
5. wipe down floor boards
6. vacuum the floor
7. mop the floor

Stay tuned for Friday’s top tips for spring cleaning!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Make cleaning a little easier

When Justin and I bought our first little house 15 years ago in a little town called Gilbert, Arizona (the closest grocery store was on Frys, on Valvista and Baseline... In other words, GILBERT HAS GROWN!!!)… We went from having 1 little bathroom to 2 bathrooms. I know it is not a big deal, but back then I came up with I think a BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!

***Are you ready…I put cleaning supplies and cleaning towels under every sink in the house (including the kitchen.) This way you don’t have to carry around all your supplies with you. That is why it is so easy for me to wipe down all 3 of my bathrooms almost everyday, because literally it only takes 3 minutes or less.

I also only use Windex Multi-surface cleaner (vinegar) to wipe down the mirrors, sinks, and toilets. I put a bottle of Windex and a stack of towels under all three bathrooms and under the kitchen sink. One day a week I clean the inside of all my toilets will A MAGIC WAND, that I have hanging from all of my toilets. That way I don’t have to track disgusting toilet water all over my house…It stays right by the toilet!!! I do clean the shower once a month, but I wipe it down after every shower so it stays clean longer. I leave a squeegee and a towel in ever shower… so it is a reminder to the family to WIPE IT DOWN!!!

I hope some of these ideas were helpful; they have worked great for me for the past 15 years. If any of you have another BRILLIANT IDEA, please let me know I would love to share it.

Have a great Monday!!

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