Friday, October 15, 2010

Tips for Spring Cleaning

As a child, I would dread hearing the awful phrase, “it is time for SPRING CLEANING.” Now that I am a mother to four little ducklings, I have learned to love the phrase… it is music to my ears. Spring cleaning has turned into a family tradition, and in order to spring clean you should follow these 5 simple rules.

1. Make a schedule for each room and stick to it
2. Assign everyone a task
3. Spread the cleaning over several weekends
4. Try to make it fun
5. Make sure you reward the family with a special treat when you are finished

***This weekend for your homework assignment take out all your fake greenery in your house and spray it down with a hose, let it dry then put them back on your plant shelves, and in your house. Have a great an ORGANIZED weekend

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