Monday, October 18, 2010


Okay, so how many of you spend a lot of time in your car, truck, or SUV on your way to or from work, school, or waiting for kids to finish dance, piano, a game or practice?

YEP…that’s what I thought, we spend so much time in our cars. The result, unless you are also very careful, can be a car interior that looks like a TRASH CAN ON WHEELS!

A failure to maintain a good car interior is likely to cost you in resale value down the road. Once you begin to let the auto interior look warn and used, the more likely the situation will turn permanent. At the same time, you may feel embarrassed to have friends, co-workers or family see even the occasional Taco Bell wrappers or a pile of garbage in your back seat.
I have come up with 6 great tips to help keep your car looking new and spiffy!! The first two are…

1. Keep a trash bag in your car and empty every time you go to a gas station so that it does not continue to accumulate until it is overflowing.

2. Decide what needs to stay or go in your car. Remember,”EVERYTHING HAS A HOME.” Even in you car, if your kids get something out, they need to put it right back in it’s special home. Especially trash…IT GOES IN THE GARBAGE!
Come back on Wednesday to find out the next two!!!

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