Friday, November 19, 2010

Clean as you go!! PART 3

Okay ready for the last 5 steps???

11. Tidy the TV area and family room each day/night -- general home organization mantra: Don't leave any room like a cyclone hit it.
12. Kids' toys can go easily into a cute basket or bin. Newspapers in a pile or better yet, the recycling bin. Make use of baskets and bins -- they work wonders for containing clutter, and they look great. This includes a nice stair basket that can be kept at the bottom of the stairs holding stuff and take upstairs once in the day; next morning, take it downstairs.

13. Put the TV remote back in its designated place. If you don't have a designated place -- establish one. Everyone will be happier when you practice this home organization tip!

14. That goes for the car & house keys -- establish a place and return them every time you come into the house. Huge time saver!

15. Spot clean the carpet as soon as you notice a spot or spill something. Keep your favorite carpet cleaner on each level of your home, so that going up or down the stairs does not deter you. Seriously, this can make your house look so much better so easily by not having random stains all over your carpeting.

Picking up as you go and cleaning as you go is my all-time best home organization tip and it will save oodles of time in the end, and is completely do-able.

My oldest Bailey turned 15 this week and my youngest Finley turned 4. I think I am having a hard time because I know I am not having any more babies. I am so proud of my two beautiful daughters and am so thankful to have the opportunity to be there MOM!

Have a great organized weekend!! HOMEWORK: Clean your microwave so it shines!!

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  1. What carpet spot cleaner do you use? I am going to find a home for my t.v. remotes! Thanks for your great suggestions!



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