Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you have paper clutter??

When people enter my home they always ask…WHERE ARE ALL YOUR STACK OF PAPERS????

I always tell them, I ONLY KEEP WHAT I HAVE TO!!!!

***While you are going through mail or your kids school work or through other papers, ask yourself…Did I ask for this information?***

• Is this the only place the information is available? Or can I get it online?
• What is the worst thing that could happen if I trashed this paper?
• Are my kids going to be crushed if I throw this away? I tell my kids they can hang it up on the fridge for 1 week, then it goes in the “round filing cabinet.” (I know all of you think I am heartless because I have come to love my round filing cabinet!) Tell your kids they can keep 5-10 papers or projects a year, then file them in their “special boxes.” Each of my kiddos have there very own SPECIAL BOX!! If the project is to big for the box, take a picture of them holding it, and then file it in there special box!
• Only keep and cut out the coupons from the mail that you are going to use, then find a home for all coupons. Make sure you discard all coupons that are expired.

***Come back Wednesday and learn 5 things that will reduce your paper clutter.***

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