Thursday, September 30, 2010


Okay, do you have papers scattered around your house in different piles, waiting to be placed somewhere???

If you answered yes then begin by gathering up your documents. Pull out stray files, grab the latest round of bills, and empty that kitchen or office drawer, stuffed with papers you've been meaning to get to for years, then sort everything into ten piles:

• Monthly Bills (utilities, etc.)
• Bank Statements
• Pay Stubs
• Investment Statements (pension updates, 401(k) statements, brokerage and fund statements, and so forth)
• Tax Returns and Supporting Docs
• Policy Documents and Deeds (insurance policies (health, dental, life, home deeds, car title…)
• Warranties and User Manuals
• Forever Docs (things like marriage license, will, birth certificate, social security cards.)
• Receipts (for 3 months back)
• Medical and Dental records and receipts.

Next, create a folder for each type of document and add new papers as they come in. Then create folders within the folders: Take ongoing bills, for example. Store all water bills in one folder, electricity bills in another, phone bills in a third, and so on. If possible, keep all folders in a fireproof, water-resistant file cabinet or box; if not, a shelf or drawer will do.

I don’t have a filing cabinet, so I just use my armoire in my living room, and just one of those crates to hang my folders on for now!! Whatever works for you…It is just important to make a home for your paper, so you don’t have them staring you in the face everyday.

HOMEWORK: find all your water bills and make a special folder for them. Then have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!!


  1. Calli, is there a reason to separate your bills? Do you compare them later? Why save bills you have already paid? My husband saves them to but I'm thinking, "why not throw them away after you have paid them?"

  2. The paper clutter is a battle I continue to lose! These are some great tips!!



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