Friday, November 12, 2010

What do you do with old magazines??

I keep my magazines in my bathroom, because…WELL YOU KNOW, I don’t have to explain myself!!! I go through them once a year and only keep the ones I can’t get online, (which you can usually get most articles online now and days.) I also only keep 12 months worth…so just 12 at a time.

Magazines are easier to fit into a bathroom, however large numbers of magazines can give an even more cluttered look to the often cramped environment of a bathroom. I like to keep all of mine in a basket. There are several types of baskets that you can purchase that have been specifically designed for the use of magazines and newspapers, but you can use any type of basket that is going to fit neatly into your bathroom and its decor.

HOMEWORK: Go through all your magazines and recycle the ones you don’t read or are over 12 months old!!

Have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!

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