Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Organize your 3 month FOOD SUPPLY!!! Part one

I could talk all day about the importance of having a food storage: temporary job loss, natural disaster, flu pandemic, but the point is, it's a SMART thing to do. Hopefully you won't feel quite so overwhelmed after this weeks post!!

The first thing that is VERY IMPORTANT is that you only purchase a three month supply of foods that you and your family normally eat. Then come up with meal plans for the 90 days, or for 30 days and times everything by 3.

Here are the first 3 tips in organizing your 3 month food supply…

• Make a list of foods you eat on a regular basis. That means for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Determine how much you would go through in three months.

• Make a list of all the meals you and your family eats, and type them up and tape them in your pantry. For example: I listed things like cold cereal, oatmeal, Mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches green Chile soup, spaghetti, etc.

• Make a list of all the ingredients you need for those meals for 3 months, and how much. For example: cold cereal…36 boxes, oatmeal…225 servings, Mac and cheese…24 boxes, peanut butter sandwiches…18 bottles of peanut butter etc. DO YOU GET THE POINT???

Hope to see you Wednesday for the next 3 tips!!!

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