Monday, February 14, 2011

Recipe Organization … Part One


I was trying to decide what to post on this very special day, so I thought what is my favorite thing to do on Valentines Day??? YES that’s right EAT!!! So for this weeks post I want to talk about getting your recipes organized so it make it easier to cook a delicious meal!!!

About 2 years ago for my oldest little duckling’s church project, I had her use her hours to organize and type all of my favorite recipes. Before then my system was not working…I would just find a recipe on the internet, print it, and then stick it in a folder. Or I would write a recipe down on a recipe card and guess what I would do next…YES!! YOU ARE RIGHT… stick it in a folder. Well apparently this was not working so I came up with an idea to make a RECIPE BINDER just for me to use.

NOW, before you decide to take your time taking on this big project ask yourself 2 questions.

a) Can I find the recipes I need??

b) Can I find them in less than 2 minutes??

And if the answer to these questions are NO!!! Then YES it is time to change things up!

Here is the 1st tip on how to make a RECIPE BINDER!! Let’s get started!!
Tip #1. Go through all your recipes and weed out the ones that are not you or your family’s favorite dish.

Come back on Wednesday for the next tip…If you are feeling courageous then complete tip #1 before Wednesday. I DARE YOU!!!!

Have a great day, and make sure you SERVE someone today!!

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