Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Schedules!!!!

Okay who is not ready for the summer??? Or who is ready but in a month will change there tune??? Well last Monday night we had a family night and I went over our SUMMER SCHEDULE!!

You know how I feel about having a schedule and sticking to it...well that is no different in the summer with your kids. Of course I want to sleep in til 9:00am but should I???? It is important that children have a set schedule and know what is expected of them on a daily basis. When I presented my SUMMER SCHEDULE to my kids, they were a little unhappy as you can see up in the picture. My sweet boy did have some tears shed...BUT OH WELL, THIS IS LIFE!!!! Better he learns it now than when he is 19 and on his mission!!!!

Here is a sample of my summer schedule...

***Every morning my kids will read 35 minutes. Then wright in a journal about what they just read. Following there favorite book they will say their prayers and read there scriptures.

Daily Chores...

Bailey...clean bathroom, practice guitar and piano, make beds and clean rooms.

Hayden...make bed, clean room, check weeds sweep all porches, flashcards.

Avery...make bed, make my bed, clean room, practice piano, flashcards.

Finley...make bed, put blankets away, practice letters.

***Then on June 1st, 22ND, and July 20Th and August 3rd they will do SUMMER CLEANING (oh this is what got the tears started!!!)

Bailey...clean all blind (I have 26 of them)

Hayden...clean all doors and floor boards

Avery...clean cabinets, table, chairs and stools

Finley...clean couch

I hope this gives you a place to start, and I hope your kids don't hate me!!!

Homework...make a SUMMER SCHEDULE, and have a great and organized week!!!

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