Friday, September 17, 2010


Okay are you ready for the last, most important step of all???

STEP #3: Find a home (a place) for EVERYTHING in your house!!!!

It is so important for your “stuff” to have a home. If you have a home for everything, then when its time to clean up it wont take you so long, it might just take 10 minutes a day to clean up the mess.
I have done this step since the day I got married, and that way my family knows exactly were things go…so when you tell your children to clean up, they don’t feel so overwhelmed and do not even want to try!!
To start this third step you need to start organizing room by room to find homes for your treasures!!!
So let’s set some goals for your rooms…
Make a room-by-room list of what you want to accomplish in the next four weeks. For example, A list for your play room, could include putting all the games in categories, all card games goes on one shelf, board games go on another. By writing down goals for each room, you'll take some of the pressure of accomplishing the tasks all at once. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of checking off tasks as you complete them. This is a great motivator to keep you going.
One of my favorite organizers is Julie Morgenstern, and she says,” The most important thing is to start small and start in the room you spend your most time, which is the opposite of the way most people approach it," says Julie. A professional organizer for 18 years, she says it takes a day to a day and a half to thoroughly organize a room. But if you "analyze and strategize before you attack," she says, you'll be less overwhelmed. Morgenstern recommends starting with the bathroom so you can practice on a smaller space.

PLEASE do not get overwhelmed!!!
This weekend for your homework… find 5 things that don’t have a home and find them one… and remember my motto… (This is what I tell my children daily, “Put it away in its home!!!”
Have a great and fun weekend!!!

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