Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Run your Home like a Business Step #2

All right are you ready for step #2??? This next step, I have been doing since my 3rd child was born, so for almost 7 years, and I feel it works great and helps me not feel so overwhelmed. I started when she was born because just one more child adds more of everything. More laundry, more cleaning, more cooking, more grocery shopping…EVERYTHING!!!

STEP #2:
Break up your cleaning. Don’t do it all in one day.

For Example:

Monday: laundry; sort, wash and put away!! Wipe down bathrooms. (Try and do things around the house until you get your laundry done!!)

Tuesday: vacuum and Mop all floors, wipe down bathrooms.

Wednesday: dust ENTIRE house, wipe down bathrooms.

Thursday: laundry day again!!! Sort, wash and put away, wipe down bathrooms.

Friday: wipe down bathrooms!!!


Sunday: this is your cleaning day off. YEA!!!


My kidos do 5 little chores every morning before they go to school.
***Children’s Saturday jobs: clean there bathrooms, pull weeds, and vacuum downstairs.

2nd Sat. of the month: Dust blinds and fans, clean floor boards.
4th Sat. of the month: wipe down cabinets, doors, couch, and chairs.***

Always remember that giving kids chores can help give them responsibility and a sense of feeling involved and self-worth. Chores should be handled as necessary contributions to the family. For example, if the dishes were never washed, what would happen? Chores are not necessarily to “have fun," but they can create a sense of "family" as well as helping to learn that keeping a household running involves effort and teamwork.

I feel that by breaking up your housework, it helps you feel like you’re not spending all day cleaning, therefore you are then able to get other things accomplished for the day. ***Remember schedule a time for your cleaning…just like you would schedule a meeting with a very important client.
Hopefully this step will help you get that much closer to running your home like a business!!

Stay tuned for Friday’s last Step… #3

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