Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staying Organized While Traveling

Okay so ask my mom and sisters, they will tell you I am a horrible packer…I am an organized packer, but by the time I get to my destination I feel like I have to iron everything!!!

Traveling can be crazy enough without adding to it the stress of losing things and being unorganized. Since you are not at home and are staying in places you usually do not stay, and trying to keep your belongings in a confined space, it can be difficult to keep everything together. Here are some tips from agent america to help you to stay organized while traveling.

Sandwich Bags: These tricks for organizing, and you can use them while traveling too. If you're going to be going through the airport, you'll need to have your liquids in a quart-sized baggie or smaller (you'll need to take them out of your carry-on when you go through security). But you can also use a bag to put your pocket items: loose change, mp3 player, magazine, book, snacks. You can use sandwich bags to store liquid items- hair gels, toothpaste, perfumes, etc- so they don't leak inside your suitcase. Bring a few extra bags along for wet and dirty clothes.

Car Storage: Keep a bucket in the trunk of your car (the square, flat divided buckets work great). Use the bucket to hold car essentials: extra oil, tire gauge, baby wipes for grease cleanup, ice scraper, fix-a-flat, oil, coolant, a flashlight (don't forget spare batteries!) and a map. In the front of the car, keep some spare change alongside your insurance card- you never know when it will come in handy.

Suitcase and Bags: Keep your computer, mp3 player, and phone power cords organized by looping them individually and using garbage or twist ties to keep them together and prevent them from getting tangled. If you'll be carrying breakables in your suitcase, it can be handy to cushion the breakables with clothes. (This isn't fail-safe but it can help.) Carry only the amount of medication you need plus a small amount of backup, and leave the bulky pill bottles behind. You can also get a seven-or even thirty-day divided vitamin container to put your pills and vitamins in. Fill up an extra day or two, just in case.

With a little effort and creativity, you can stay a lot more organized while traveling- and have an even more fun, stress-free trip.

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