Monday, November 1, 2010

What is under YOUR bed???

Is that a scary thought?? Have you ever gone into your Childs room and looked under the bed, and was totally in SHOCK? Well I have and it was not a pretty sight. Here are some steps to help you clean under your bed.

****Remember under your bed could make a good HOME for things, if done RIGHT!!!
First, no matter how horrible this may sound, you must take everything out from under your bed, and make 4 piles.

1. Things that already have homes.
2. Donate
3. Trash
4. Things that fit nicely in an under the bed storage box. “NEW HOME.”

Things that you are not sure about, you can put into the "Keep Someplace Else" box, and at the end you can put it under your bed if there is enough room under your bed.

***If possible vacuum and clean under your bed.***

Then, put the things that already have homes in there proper place. Put the under the bed box, under your bed, the trash bag in your dumpster, the donate box in your car, and the remaining box is up to you and your room as to where you put it. Just avoid clutter.

SIDE NOTE…I keep my gift wrap under my bed, and some free weights, that I couldn’t find a good home for.

I know people who keep food storage under there beds. GREAT IDEA, just keep in mind you need to be able to rotate your food storage.


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  1. Yay! I keep my gift wrapping under my bed too! Great post Calli. Thanks!



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