Monday, December 6, 2010

Is your Christmas tree organized???

Okay most of you said NO…because your GREAT PARENTS and let your kids do all the DECORATING!!!

My kids have their own 6 foot tree up stairs with all of there ornaments on it. Since our little ducklings were born we give them an ornament a year. So by the time they leave the nest they will have a box full of there own ornaments to put on there very own tree!!

However MOM has her very own tree that she gets to do what she wants with. (Okay mom is a little selfish.)

I still have 2 little ducks wanting and pleading to help me…so this year I gave them the very important task of organizing all of the decorations. So Mama Duck can put them on in an organized fashion. Here are some great tips on decorating your Christmas tree, and in doing so teaching your kids a little about organizing!!!!

1. Put the tree up where you want it in the room.
2. Put the lights on, and make sure they all work.
3. Place all the bows together, bulbs, berries, sparkly ornaments, and fruit filler together. In other words organize all ornaments into sections on the floor. (This is how kids can help!)
4. Place all the big ornaments on first, like bows or big bulbs. Then medium ornaments, last small ornaments. Make sure they are all spaced throughout the tree evenly.
5. Put any filler in like berries or sparkly sticks.
6. Last but not least place the TOPPER on!

Oh and don’t forget the Christmas music…that is a MUST!!!

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