Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get back on track with your organizational strategies!! Post #2

Great!!! You came back for tip #2!!

2. Organizing Meals in Advance

It’s easy to get a bad case of kitchen burn-out after the holidays, but your family still needs you to plan and prepare meals – even in January. Try making an effort to include foods that you haven’t eaten during the holiday months to help prevent your picky eaters from getting tired of certain meals. Sure, you’ll probably have leftovers to use up, but try to give them clever disguises. For example, if you’ve got Christmas ham sitting in your refrigerator, bring in some of the unexpected with Caribbean ham and pineapple sandwiches. Add cilantro, green peppers, fresh chopped pineapple, and Caribbean jerk to your typical ham sandwich to spice things up and keep variety in the mix. By planning meals like these in advance, you’ll be able to worry about one less thing in the New Year, allowing you to stay focused on keeping the unexpected organized.

I love this one, my Mom has always been a great example of this tip…Growing up she always had a menu. I try really hard to do the same, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I know it is truly important, I know it will save you time, money, and from unhealthy foods!!!

Friday is the day to see the last 2 tips!!! Don’t forget to come back!!

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