Friday, January 14, 2011

Get back on track with your organizational strategies!! Post #3

Okay the last 2 tips are

3. Storing Holiday Decorations

Labels are a key element of decoration storage. You know how frustrating it is to go sorting through boxes and tubs, searching in vain for one particular Christmas ornament or part of the nativity. To prevent this in the future and to help you pack up your decorations once the holiday season is over this year; plan your storage options in advance. You can use a label maker, tape down handmade labels, or even write on your boxes, as long as you include a detailed description of what’s inside. It’s also helpful to group items of the same type together, such as ornaments, the nativity scene, other decorations according to which room they’re usually displayed in, or however you’re most comfortable with organizing your decorations. By pre-labeling and planning your decoration storage, you’ll have less work to do both at the end of this season and at the beginning of the next.

4. Making Post-Holiday Space

No matter how hard you try to prevent the pile-up of more material gifts at the end of the holiday season, you’re almost always left with a mountain of new stuff to deal with. This year, plan ahead by getting rid of clutter before the holidays add more to the mix. Ask your kids to donate five toys to a local charity or make some Operation Christmas Child boxes with items that you already have in your house. This is a great way to help your kids recognize and enjoy the true meaning of Christmas: the joy of giving. It also helps you keep your house organized by getting rid of things that aren’t absolutely necessary. You can even go through everyone’s wardrobes and find a local clothing and shoe drop-off center for items you no longer use, try to give your kids nonmaterial gifts, and empty your stash of “re-gift” items by giving them all away this season.
In addition to getting rid of existing clutter, you can plan space for the inevitable wave of new stuff that hits after the holidays. To create more space in your kids’ rooms, give colorful storage cubes as Christmas gifts. If you have new furniture on your wish list, make sure you get some with built-in storage capacity – this is especially easy to find in tables, and many even include hidden storage space. Maximizing your space efficiency is a great way to help keep your post-holiday life organized and relaxed.

I loved these 4 tips, THANKS LAUREL for sending me this great article. I hope it will come in handy this year and of course all the ones to come!!

HOMEWORK: This week plan 5 days of meals, and STICK TO IT!!!!! Have a great and ORGANIZED WEEKEND!!!

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