Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 20 Time savers

To be organized it is so important to plan ahead. Make a schedule allowing for more time than you think is needed. It is better to have a few extra minutes than to run behind schedule.

Here are 20 Time Savers to help you get through the day, week or month!!! I have gotten some of these from a fellow blogger named Storm. I thought a lot of these were brilliant!!!

1. Use a monthly calendar and a daily 'to do' list.
2. Maintain a 'contact list.'
3. Prioritize your 'to do' list the night before.
4. Minimize your T.V. watching during the day. Or work on others things when you are watching a show.
5. Always put things away in their PROPER HOME!!!
6. Attend all the meetings available to you. Try other people's ideas. See someone successful? Do what they do. Don't reinvent the wheel!
7. Set aside unimportant things.
8. Use small segments of time productively.
9. Do two things at the same time. Listen to the news on the radio while getting dressed instead of reading the newspaper. (I use to talk on the phone, nurse my baby, and cook dinner all at the same time.) Okay I am a little crazy…OKAY EXTREAMLY CRAZZZY!!!!

On Friday I will share the last 10 Time Savers…

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