Friday, March 25, 2011

Top 20 Time Savers part 2

Alright here are the last 10 time savers to help you feel organized and to get a handle on things!!!

10. Carry your calendar/datebook/organizer with you at all times. Important information will be quickly accessed. Your phone is a good tool to use!!
11. Eliminate clutter.
12. The phone is your friend. It can save you hours of time. Use it to schedule upcoming events, use it to find an item you need instead of driving from store to store.
13. Learn to say "no." (this one is so hard for me to do) BUT VERY IMPORTANT!!!!
14. Handle paperwork once.
15. Read mail with a pen in hand. Respond immediately. Put it away in its home immediately too!!!!
16. Delegate. (I am good at this one!!!)
17. Concentrate on only one thing at a time until it is done.
18. Put 'waiting time' to good use - read, write thank you notes, schedule appointments, etc. (For example, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment!!)
19. Don't worry. About 40% of what we worry about never happens. (My Dad always told me this…GREAT ADVISE!!!)
20. Don't waste time regretting what you didn't do. MOVE ON!!!!

By effectively using your time wisely, you will end each day with a feeling of well being and you will be energized because you reached your goals for that day.

Just as a building is completed one brick at a time, your dreams are reached one at a time. (I love this quote!!)

Homework: Pick at least 5 and apply to your days!!! Have a great and organized weekend!!!

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