Thursday, April 28, 2011


Okay here is 8 Physical Strategies to help you overcome being a procrastinator!!!

1. Get an accountability buddy to keep you on task along the way.
2. Work out the project's steps on paper in advance to clarify your thoughts and eliminate the emotional whirlwind around why you don't want to begin the task.
3. Master the art of starting. Over and over again.
4. Do the hard parts first. Or...
5. Do the easy parts first. Whichever motivates you more is the one you should choose.
6. Keep a progress log so you don't lose sight of how much you have accomplished.
7. Break your project into small, manageable chunks and create interim deadlines for yourself along the way.
8. Build in rewards for yourself as you finish each step and when the project is completed.

Homework: Complete a project that you have been putting off!!! And have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!!

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