Sunday, July 31, 2011


Tip of the week #8...

Find a home for all your electronic games!!!

How many of you have your WI game, Play Station, X Box, or Nintendo out for the whole world to see???

Find a place on your entertainment center, or somewhere in the room where you play them. So when company comes over they wont know they are even there.

Last week I had an organizational job, and she said her family doesn't play the WI very I found a basket that fit all the accessories to the game, and also all her games she had for the WI. We found a HOME in a closet by her playroom, so when the family wants to play WI they just have to grab the basket...when they are finished they put everything back in its proper spot in the basket, and put the basket back in its HOME!!!

Homework: Find a home for all your electronics. Have a great an ORGANIZED week!!

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  1. Calli- you would be so proud of us!
    We have our wii stuff in a bin on the shelf that says "We take care of our Wii!"
    And then there is another bin that says, "Where is the remote?" And the kids think it's funny. But it's working!!!!



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