Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back To School Shooping!!!

I am finally back!! I had to get my kiddos ready for school!! Plus my teenager has been really sick for 3 weeks, so I have been taking a bloggers BREAK!!! I wanted to write something about getting ready for “back to school shopping!!” I know most of you have already had your kids in school for a couple of weeks…BUT there are still some of you who haven’t started yet!!! So here are some tips on “back to school shopping.”

This year I get to shop for a kid in High school, middle school, elementary and pre- school!! Yep that’s right 4 different stages of life…LUCKY ME!!!! Shopping with four kids, ages 15 and under, is not a fun adventure, that’s why I try to find the best deals and

have a plan of attack before I even leave the house.

Here’s what I do. I take all of my kids supply lists and highlight everything that’s the same on the lists this way I know to double my count. At their school they need typical things like paper, scissors, and glue sticks. I know that I will be able to find these at just about any store that sells school supplies.

I like to create one big master list with everything on it for the kids back-to-school needs, including things like backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles. Next to each items I include the quantity and any specific notes like brand names, specials like buy 3 get I free.

If you find that you really do have to go to more than one store make a separate list for each store. This will keep you on task and save you time.
I also must add that I started my list in June…I know CRAZY!!!! BUT I listed each of my kiddos names. Underneath I made a list. For example… Avery needed new socks and tennis shoes. I realized that back in June and I didn’t want to forget so I wrote it down right then. In July I went through each of their rooms to figure out what clothes they each needed, and listed them.

The best way to know that you are getting the cheapest price possible is to just head to Wal-mart. They will price match their competitor prices. Any store that will price match is a guaranteed best bet as long as they carry what you need.

Good luck with “BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING” I know it can be dreadful but you can make it fun!!! Growing up I always would looked forward to August because my mom would make it unforgetful, with lunch and a GREAT new outfit for the first day of school!!! I have since carried out that tradition, I take each of my kids to lunch and school shopping alone. They each love it and every year ask “when is it my turn to go school shopping?”

Homework: Make your supply list!!! Have a great an ORGANIZED week!!!

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