Friday, November 5, 2010

Backpack organizing!!

A couple of weeks ago I had a parent teacher conference with my son Hayden’s 5th grade teacher. She told me he was a great boy but VERY UNORGANIZED!!
I said, “Did you know that is the worst thing you could tell me?” (I know she thought I was a little nuts…BUT OH WELL!!

So I marched right home and looked at my sweet green eyed boy and said…WE ARE GETTING YOU ORGANIZED!!! I must say for his punishment for not being organized and missing homework assignments because of it…I made him clean out all his drawers. It took him 2 hours but he did it, and I must say he did a GREAT job…after all he is my boy!!!

Kid’s backpacks can easily become a dumping ground. One of the most common issues with kids and backpacks is that they use their backpacks as storage! The best use of a backpack is to TRANSPORT items, not to use them as storage!!!

Here are 7 great steps on getting your kids organized for school, or if you don’t have kids yet, you will have information so you will never have to have the parent teacher conference I had.

1. Don’t use the backpack as storage...
2. Plan ahead for each day.
3. Provide a home filing system or Garbage can to unload old papers.
4. Give everything a HOME in the backpack
5. Label everything!
6. Re-organize as needs change.
7. Use organizing ides and encourage him to use them.

Homework***Make a “sheet washing schedule.” Have a great an organized weekend!!

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