Friday, April 1, 2011


There are so many ideas about how to store all of your essentials, and how you will carry them if the time comes.

For my family I use big plastic storage bins. I store them in the back of my pantry. Then if a disaster hits, we will grab my kid’s school backpacks from their proper HOMES and take them with us in case we need help carrying other supplies.

I am sure you all are asking how do you carry your bins if you can’t use your car???? Well when we started having out little ducklings, we bought a big plastic durable WAGON that fits both of our storage bins. That works best for our family!! Something else might work better for yours. Please comment on my blog and share your ideas!!!

NOW you are asking…HOW AND WHEN DO YOU ROTATE???? Every 6 months I rotate all of the food and snacks. (Even if they haven’t expired.) I do this on the 1st of April and the 1st of October. But you decide when it is best for you. I get to do mine this weekend!! YEA!!!!

Children grow so I rotate their clothes and underwear too. It only takes 1 hour to rotate, but it is a MUST!!!! Oh and don’t forget to rotate your water, and make sure you use everything you have rotated out!!! Get in the habit of rotating them!!

Homework: If you have a 72 hour kit make a rotating schedule. If you don’t have one, make a list of what you need and DO IT!!!!

I hope you have a great and ORGANIZED weekend!!

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