Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When friends or salesmen walk up to your front door what do they see??? Do they see cob webs??? Are leaves covering your porch so you can’t even see the concrete??? Is dirt so thick on your windows that you can’t even see in???

I can tell you that sometimes, mine looks like The Haunted House at Disneyland!! — dust, dirt and cobwebs on the bench by the front door. It’s not surprising, because anyone with a garage normally enters their home through it. But it’s the front porch that the public sees — it’s your face to the outside world. So, is yours dirty? The situation is quickly resolved as easy as 15 minutes or less.

Here are 6 great ideas on making your porch look its best at all times!!

Here are the first 3…

1. Grab a broom and sweep the porch.

2. Use that same broom and sweep around the frame of your front door, clearing all cobwebs, etc. Do the same for the walls around the porch. Just a few quick motions is all you need here.

3. If you have a window by your front door, take your trusty Windex and clean until it sparkles. Same thing for the door handle and the lock.

Hope to see you Thursday for the next 3 ideas!!

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